Poetica Graphic Design

Hello, I’m Barbara Hartinger. As a graphic and web site designer, I focus on branding for companies, nonprofits and entrepreneurs who understand the critical importance of communicating their brands in the most powerful and elegant way. My clients are willing to invest in superior solutions that help them to rise far above the commonplace — I help them reach those heights.

I am not a “production designer.” My solutions are unique to you and your business and they often come from deep inside me. We work together on every level to create design that is appropriate yet delightful — every time you look at it. The key is to reflect who you are and what you stand for in every piece we create. You want to look good at every glance and that’s exactly what I deliver.

I have worked in the design field for 20+ years. My favorite thing is working with clients who share with me a love of beauty and purpose in their work. For me, there is nothing better than helping people follow their dreams and become more confident in expressing themselves. I did this myself and now I’m excited to help others realize their own dreams.

My contribution as a designer is experience with a wide variety of businesses, an inherent eye for detail and a desire to uplift individuals and make their lives better. What is your purpose? How can you business best express itself? Tell me more.

Abita Studio, Architect
Alliance for Education
Brewe Layman, PS
Campion Foundation
Campion Advocacy Fund
Children’s Hospital
City of Redmond
City of Seattle Public Utilities
Fred Hutch
Home Bridge Builders
Kellogg Foundation
Lummi, Washoe & Skagit Tribes
Metropolitan Pilates

The Mockingbird Society
Northwest AIDS Foundation
Partners for Our Children
Partnership for Learning
The Seattle Foundation
Seattle King County Realtors Association
Seattle Art Museum
Seattle Chinese Garden
Sensual Chocolatiers
The Seattle Foundation
Socius Law Group

Seattle Opera Ring cycle
Seattle Public Schools
Rainier Beer
Reel Grrls
Tree Top
University of Washington School of Social Work
Washington State Department of Commerce
Women in Film Seattle
Women’s Bioethics Project

Poetica Color Consulting

As a lover of color, I also offer home and office color consultations to create spaces that support you and your work.

My evolution from design into color was a natural extension, and I am excited to share my perspective. I’ve discovered that feng shui, the Chinese art of placement and balance, is a useful addition to working with spaces, adding both depth and meaning, and I often use it in my work. I learn more every day and I enjoy sharing my discoveries with clients. Our sense of “home” can change through the attention we pay and the choices we make.

From my years of creative work as a designer, I know that indecision is often part of our personal and work lives. Choosing color is especially difficult for some because of the sheer number of choices available. I help you make those decisions through options based on space and light, or working with you to refine your own innate feel for what you want. There’s magic in moving from yearning to doing, and getting out of our minds is the first step. Color has real effects.

Join me as we explore colors that are not just fresher, but transform the energy of a room. Reflect you. Create sanctuaries.

Six Inspirations for a Color Palette

  • One: A work of art — Two: A favorite color — Three: A souvenir based on the essence of a place you've visited — Four: A piece of fabric — Five: Iconic color combinations, such as Tiffany's — Six: A place in time, such as buildings with aged elegance.

    Eve Ashcraft, The Right Color